27-29 Sept.

2018 Talk


Stop being so damn good at your job and start thinking about what you build impacts the physical, mental, and emotional daily life of the person you are trying to help. We all like to be good or even great at our jobs, yet this can lead to detrimental impacts on the human experience. What happens when we are too good? Can we cause digital addictions and how are those digital addictions affect us as humans? There are many studies tell us that too much of a good thing can be bad. Our eyes are more strained, backs are in pain, and people have seriously hurt themselves walking while interacting with technology. What can we do as information architects to stay good at our jobs and keep promoting human to human interactions? As responsible designers we can control the impact our designs have on the people using the technology.

About the speaker(s)

Coco Chalfant is a Senior User Experience Lead currently working at TD Ameritrade. She has been working in the field for over 10 years. Her career has taken her all over this country working with many different companies. She co-chaired the IA Summit 2018, organized WIAD NYC 2017, co-founded of the Information Architecture Foundation, graduated from Kent State University with a degree in Information Architecture & Knowledge Management and founded the JC UX Meetup group. She has presented at two IA Summits and one Euro IA. She is a all around interesting character with many facets.

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