27-29 Sept.

2018 Workshop


Practical and hands-on exercises to incorporate ethical, sustainable and inclusive thinking into your current design process. You will learn: the difference between task completion and goal fulfilment; why and how to consider the people you are NOT designing for; and how choosing a seemingly painful alternative in the present can lead to bigger rewards in the future.

To avoid harm, and support vulnerable people, you must be prepared to predict, follow-up and manage impact in all parts of the research and design process. With templates and worksheets to guide your work, the workshop will use hands-on exercises and use-cases to provide you both with the mindset and toolset for minimizing damage done by design.

About the speaker(s)

Per Axbom is a designer, coach and visual explainer working out of Stockholm, Sweden. He has worked professionally with usability, accessibility and UX since the mid-nineties. Regularly contributing to the UX community through blog posts and podcasts, Per is very keen on promoting the concept of design ethics. He is an advocate of responsible innovation, helping designers understand and manage the impact of their work.

As a trained coach Per has a a passion for listening and is a proponent of the power that can be unlocked by allowing people to explore their own strengths and abilities. He has a passion for interviews and is experienced in using the visual language of sketches and prototypes to create consensus and insights about both problems and solutions.

Having consulted for over 60 organizations, Per has experience from a wide variety of industries encompassing finance, telecom, energy, public transportation and e-health. For more than four years he has worked as the UX lead for Sweden’s national platform for online therapy.

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