27-29 Sept.

2018 Workshop


To better understand how humans and technology merge together and what impact the technology might have on human lives, we should better understand the technology and humans at first. And one of the great ways to better understand humans is to develop and to apply empathy to them. The workshop will highlight 2 useful tools, Empathy Mapping and Impact Mapping, to help you to deal with both tasks.

First part will cover Empathy Mapping tool: a useful method to get the information from the heads of participants and to put everybody on the same in regards to humans and their needs in regards to using and interacting with different technologies. Participants will get familiar with the tool and will see the results of mutual collaborative usage of the tool.

Second part will cover Impact Mapping tool: a strategic planning tool that helps to reduce waste by preventing scope creep and over-engineered solutions. In this workshop it will be used to assess the impact of technology on humans and to come up with the ideas of how to deal with that. Participants will get familiar with the tool and will see how it combines with Empathy Mapping and mutually benefits from it.

About the speaker(s)

Nikita Efimov is a Senior Product Manager at UXPressia, a UX coach at training center ITMINE, and an inspiring leader of the UXSPb – community of UX designers, user researchers, and information architects in Saint-Petersburg.

Nikita has over 12 years of experience in Software Development area, including positions as a Head of UX and Senior Product Manager. He has a strong experience in UX, user research and product management.

He is an experienced speaker and organizer of several conferences in Russia, including World Usability Day, World Information Architecture Day, ProfsoUX, and SECR.

Founder and CEO of UXPressia, founder and managing partner at UX consulting company, UXpresso, and founder and UX coach at training center ITMINE. Yuri Vedenin is a Certified Business Analysis Professional combining UX and business analysis knowledge in his work. He is also founder and inspiring leader of the – a community of business and systems analysts in Belarus.

Yuri conducts workshops and speaks at different conferences related to UX, CX and Product Development: World Information Day (Berlin), Product Development Days (Krakow), UXistanbul (Istanbul), ProfsoUX (Saint-Petersburg), etc.

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