27-29 Sept.

Call for Proposals

At the EuroIA conference, the talks and workshops come from you, the community.

The Call for Proposals closed on Saturday, March 10, 2018 – 23:59:59 CET. Submissions are all now going through our review process. Thank you for taking the time to submit to EuroIA 2018!

What we are looking for

EuroIA 2018’s theme is “Humanogy”, and we are looking for submissions from IA, UX practitioners and people from other fields of practice that will tackle the study and understanding of how humans and technology merge together and the impact that this phenomenon will have on our future and survival.

We welcome all types of submissions related to IA, UX Design, Content Strategy and Service Design that are relevant to current practice. We are looking for a mix of theoretical, thought-provoking sessions and more practical, hands-on sessions. Sessions can target either beginners or advanced practitioners. We will curate the conference to support learning at all levels of experience.


Session types

EuroIA 2018 will use the same format as the past four years, so the daily programme will involve:

Half-day training session in the morning: attendees can choose one session out of four or five;

Talks in the afternoon: keynotes, regular talks, lightning talks will all be held in the afternoon.

We repeat this format for all three days of the conference and you can register for one day, two days or all three.

You can submit a session in one of the following formats/ types:

Regular talk (45 min.): for a complex idea that needs extra details and examples to be understood.

Short talk (20 min.): for a big idea in a compact form or a case study.

Lightning talk (8 min.): for a compact lesson that is made to stick. (A sequence of seven lightning talks will form a slot of one hour.)

Half-day hands-on workshop: a 4-hour session with a demonstrated practical perspective, that focuses on involving participants in several activities and exercises. You should be an experienced practitioner or educator if you want to submit a workshop.

Half-day tutorial: a 4-hour session for presenting a method, a technique or illustrate an innovative tool in depth. This can involve a mix of lecture and some mildly interactive activities with participants. You should be an experienced practitioner if you want to submit a tutorial.


I have submitted — what happens next?

Following your submission, this is what to expect:

  • Closing of the submission period: Saturday, March 10, 2018, 23:59:59 CET;
  • The double-blind reviews of all submissions: March 2018;
  • Notice of acceptance: End of April, 2018;
  • Programme publication and registration opening: Early May, 2018.

Thank you for taking the time to prepare, submit and deliver the sessions that make EuroIA such a great event!

EuroIA 2018 is also on Medium, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. And you can sign up to our newsletter and receive updates. For help, ping the co-chairs : Alberta, Oana or Xander or drop us a line at info (at)