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The Value of Physical Human Interactions in the Age of Remote Collaboration

/ Xabi Balsera

Xabi Balsera


In my current role, I’ve been running workshops with stakeholders and colleagues who mostly interact with each other through digital tools. Getting the nod from such stakeholders was key for my team of designers in order to validate our work to date.

These workshops happened three times over twelve months and proved to be the perfect environment for collaboration, given the positive feedback received after each session.

This has encouraged me to talk to industry peers about our key findings, summarized within the following three themes:

• Warmth: making our workspace feel welcoming for our visitors.

• Harmony: getting everyone involved onto the same page.

• Relationships: creating trust-based connections that last throughout the duration of the project.


Xabi Balsera

Xabi Balsera is a well-rounded designer and team player with a decade-long international industry experience.

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