27-29 Sept.

Friday, 28 Sep. 14:20–14:40


The Prototyper’s Dilemma

/ Johannes Baeck

Johannes Baeck


New technologies like artificial intelligence force us to rethink our prototyping strategies. Although we have access to more and more tools and techniques, building the right prototype at the right time can be hard. While we need to evaluate the viability of new ideas fast, we also need a certain degree of fidelity for a prototype to feel intelligent and real. But was does fidelity mean in this context anyway? Based on my experience developing AI-driven products in healthcare, I will discuss the following questions: How can we build and test prototypes for emerging technologies both effectively and efficiently? How can we foster meaningful conversations about humanlike behavior? How do we answer questions about transparency and the personality of intelligent systems? How can we combine multiple prototypes to tell a coherent story? I will introduce a holistic approach to prototyping, discuss current challenges for UX and IA professionals and show examples of applied prototyping strategies.


Johannes Baeck

Johannes Baeck is a Senior UX Designer at user experience consultancy With companies like Adidas, Siemens and TUI, he has built digital products and services for a wide range of user groups — from radiologists to holiday makers. He has a background in information science, psychology and musicology and shares his experience as a lecturer at the University of Hildesheim. He regularly writes and talks about how prototyping evolves within new contexts like artificial intelligence, conversational interfaces and distributed teams.

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