27-29 Sept.

Raffaella Roviglioni

Raffaella Roviglioni

Current role: Speaker
Past roles: Co-Chair

UX researcher and designer since 2009, I have a scientific background in agriculture and told my story towards UX at EuroIA 2012.
I am based in Rome and work as a freelance consultant on national and international projects dealing with user research, usability testing, UX and service design, co-design and facilitation.

Amongst my clients: WFP, Hertz, Just Eat, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Banca Credem, Sony, Fastweb, BNP Paribas and the European Commission.

In the UX/IA community, I have coordinated the Rome UX Book Club and was a board member of the Italian Association for Information Architecture (Architecta). I was also one of the co-chairs of EuroIA 2017.

In my spare time, I create costumes and props within the Italian Steampunk scene.

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